New Product

Competition Series MKII Rods


European-style nymphing is catching on in the U.S, enter Cortland’s Competition rod series. Built from high-modulus, ultra-sensitive graphite blanks, our rods are weighted toward the butt to help maintain the optimum 45-degree angle without tiring your wrist. The matte black finish helps dampen vibration to prevent shock waves when presenting the fly. Black, single-foot guides are oversized to ease leader knot transfers for fishing short distances. And the handle is thin, with an ergonomic taper that allows an angler to touch a finger against the blank for strike detection. These 4-piece rods include hook keepers and fighting butts with hard cork bottoms.

Rods include a cloth rod sock and an optic orange rod case for easy location on the river bank.

Top Secret

With extensive research, development and field testing, we are proud to announce the most premium Fluorocarbon trout tippet offering on the market. This tippet is formulated with a “Top Secret” blend giving it the perfect balance of knot strength, suppleness and abrasion resistance.


“I found I could fish 6x where I would normally fish 5x. It has performed better than any fluoro I’ve tried before.” – Devin Olsen,


“After using every available tippet on the planet, my first experience using Top Secret blew my mind.” – Cory Scott, 4-Time New Zealand National Champion


“What draws me to this tippet is its durability. My style of nymphing is very rough on tippets and abrasion resistance is key.” – Pat Weiss, Competitive Angler

Coming soon.... Competition Series Seek Type 3, Type 5, Type 7


  • Sink Rate 3-4 IPS
  • Slow Sinking Tip
  • Fast Sinking Belly

Built with a heavier mid-section and lighter tip, great for searching various depths on the descent. Perfect for when fish are slightly below the surface and deeper.


  • Sink Rate 5-6 IPS
  • Slow Sinking Tip
  • Fast Sinking Belly

Built on a unique sinking taper design allowing you to search the depths with a 5-6 Inch Per Second sink rate. An overall line length of 110ft gives you the ability to reach greater distances.


  • Sink Rate 7-8 IPS
  • Slow Sinking Tip
  • Fast Sinking Belly

Our fastest sinking non-compensated line. Gets you deep while searching various depths and allows you to cast long distances.